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Office furniture has a big impact on the style and atmosphere of your office and the impression you give to visiting clients. It must also perform all of the functions that you require in your office, including providing the right kinds of workspaces and plenty of storage.

Our experienced designers can advise you on the best office furniture for your business. We can help you to work out which types of office furniture you need to perform at your best. We can also advise you on the most attractive and efficient layout for your rooms.

Our range includes everything that you might need for your business, from desks and chairs to partitions and boardroom tables. We can also recommend the styles of furniture that will match your office and brand image. You can choose bright, modern furniture for an innovative start-up or more elegant, traditional options to produce a sophisticated image. We have the right office furniture for any kind of business.

Once you have decided on your office furniture and layout with our support, our installation teams will set everything up for you. We will ensure that every item of furniture is fitted safely, correctly and according to your schedule and budget. If you need additional office furniture or you’re planning a complete refurbishment, get in touch to discuss your project with one of our experienced designers. We’ll ensure that you get the office furniture you need so that you can focus on doing what your business does best.

- What we can do...

CAD / 3D Renders

The best way to ensure you get the perfect office layout is to see what it will look like before you make any decisions. Our experienced designers can create an attractive and functional design that will meet your needs. We can produce realistic CAD or 3D renders to show you exactly what to expect. You will be able to look at a 2D plan or 3D rendering to see where everything will be and how the new layout will fit together. Our designers will help you to make the most of your space, however large or small it is. We will also ensure that the design matches your brand image. The detailed CAD plans and 3D renders can include every aspect of the design, including the flooring, lighting, colours, and finishing touches such as artwork or artificial plants. Seeing our 2D or 3D plans is the next best thing to walking into your completed office, so it will help you to make the right decisions about your refurbishment. If you’re interested in seeing what we can do with your workspace, get in touch to discuss the options and request a design that has been tailor-made for your business.


Getting the ceiling right can make a big difference to your workspace. It can have a big effect on the atmosphere of the room, by making it feel lighter, more spacious or less cluttered. We can fit a suspended ceiling with integrated lighting to create the right effect in your office. We will fit a wire grid under the existing ceiling and then cover this with more attractive tile panels. The tiling will cover any exposed pipes, ducts or wiring. It will also conceal uneven or slanted areas and make the room look more professional and presentable. We can even use special kinds of ceiling tiles to absorb sound so that you have a more peaceful working environment. Refreshing your ceiling is a simple way to make a big change. You can choose the tile colour and material that matches your office as well as the right lighting for your room. It’s very easy to change the tiles if you want to revamp your office in the future so you can create the right effect quickly and cost-effectively. Get in touch to find out more about the options for office ceilings or to get started on your office refurbishment as soon as possible.

Furniture Installations

We can provide a wide range of desking, seating and other types of office furniture to suit all kinds of businesses. We can install everything from your bespoke desk layouts to your floors and ceilings. Once you’ve picked out the items you need and decided on the layout with the help of our designers, we will send an efficient team of installers to fit everything in place. Using our furniture installation service is the best way to ensure that your office refurb is completed perfectly. We’ll make sure that every piece of furniture is installed correctly, securely and safely. You can rely on us to create an office that looks great and meets all of the relevant health and safety requirements. We can manage the whole process for you to ensure that the installation is completed according to your schedule and budget, and you can even ask us to handle the logistics for your move. Our experienced installers will finish the job on time so that you can start using your new workspace right away. If you’re planning an office refurb, then take a look around the website to learn more about the furniture we can install or get in touch to talk about your plans.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can help you to create a comfortable working environment that will enable everyone in your office to be as productive as possible. It will also ensure that visitors to your office are welcomed into a cool and pleasant space. We can design and fit an air conditioning system that will keep your office at the right temperature. We also offer a maintenance service that will ensure that your air conditioning keeps working at its best. You can rely on our highly qualified engineers to provide you with an effective and reliable air conditioning system. We have lots of experience fitting air conditioners in offices of all types and sizes, so we can advise you on the best systems and specifications for your needs. We’ll make sure that you have an air conditioning system that is suitable for your space so that you can stay cool and comfortable all year round. We will also ensure that the system is as discreet as possible so that your office remains quiet and uncluttered. If you’re interested in fitting a new air conditioning system or you want to make use of our maintenance service, get in touch to discuss your needs.


Partitioning can enable you to make the best use of your space. You can use office partitions to create separate work areas to provide peace and privacy or to encourage teamwork and collaboration in shared spaces. We can provide a variety of different partitions, from glass partitions to solid walls. The range includes seamless glass, double glazed glass with internal blinds, and half glazed panels. You can choose the partitions that provide the right amount of light and visibility for your needs. We can also tailor the partition layout to your preferences. The partitions can be set up to create spaces of all sizes and shapes, so we can come up with a design that suits your business and the room. In fact, one the main advantages of partitioning is that it makes your space more versatile as you can adapt the room to your needs. We can design a layout that will provide the right spaces for all of the tasks you need to perform at work. Our installation teams will set everything up so that you get the best working environment with the minimum hassle. Get in touch to find out more about office partitioning or to discuss your needs.

Artificial Plants

Greenery in the office can create a more calming and productive working environment, but keeping live plants isn’t an option for most businesses. Our artificial plants can provide the same benefits, but without the upkeep. We have a selection of very realistic artificial plants that can help you to create the right effect everywhere from your reception desk to your meeting rooms. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a greener office, without having to worry about sunlight, feeding or watering your plants. Employees feel healthier and happier when there are plants around, and we can also use them to create the right effect for welcoming clients or other guests. We have a wide selection of artificial plants in different shapes, sizes and colours. We can provide everything from a small pot of flowers for a desk to a dramatic display for a large atrium. We select the highest quality artificial plants so that you will have an attractive, realistic piece that will last for a long time. If you want to spruce up your office, get in touch to tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll help you to select the right artificial flowers or plants for your business.


Flooring can have a big impact on any room. The colour and material you choose for your office floors can instantly change the atmosphere. We have a selection of different flooring for all kinds of offices, from simple floor tiles to sophisticated wood flooring. We can even create personalised carpets featuring your company logo or colours. The right flooring can help you to create a professional and welcoming workspace that reflects your brand. It can also be very important for health and safety in the workplace. We can fit specialist flooring such as non-slip surfaces for kitchens and washrooms. We can also ensure that you have the hardwearing carpets that you need in busy areas. Our designers can help you to make the right flooring choices for every part of your office. We will then send one of our efficient installation teams to ensure that your office flooring is fitted correctly. All of our flooring is manufactured and fitted to the highest standards. We offer a comprehensive guarantee to ensure that your floors will look their best for many years to come. If you’re interested in new office flooring, get in touch to discuss the options with one of our experienced flooring experts.

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors can enable you to make the most of your space or to create new areas for specific activities. We can design and fit a mezzanine floor to add an extra level to your office. Our experienced designers will tailor the mezzanine level and the space below to your needs. Our designs will ensure that both areas get enough light and that the mezzanine meets all of the relevant health and safety regulations. Our skilled installation teams will ensure that the structure is completely secure and that any open sides are safely fitted with barriers or balustrades. We can create a mezzanine that is perfectly matched to your office so that you will get the extra space you need for your business. What you do with that space is up to you. You could add some extra desks, create a new meeting room, or provide a break room for your workers on the mezzanine floor. If you’re interested in adding a mezzanine level to your office, get in touch to discuss your plans with one of our experts. We’ll create the perfect plan for your workplace and build a mezzanine that will enable you to do more with your space.

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