Do you want to get rid of those nasty oblique pipes and wires that are a real eye sore?  To freshen up your office, class room, or any room in a commercial property, you should consider investing in a suspended ceiling system.

Suspended ceilings are an extension to the existing ceiling made of metal grids suspended from a ceiling by wires.  Once the grids are made, tile panels are dropped into the grid, which hide the pipes and the wires above.  The use of suspended ceilings is widely used in offices and schools, where it is necessary to hide air ducts and pipes in order to give a professional look and comply with current Health and Safety regulations.

In today’s society, where appearances are paramount in business, it is very important to have that professional edge in order to look the part and make your employees feel that they are part of a well established business.  The fundamental reason suspended ceilings were designed was to cover and hide outstanding pipes and ducts that would usually be visible.  By hiding these ugly building works, the room appears much more presentable and gives off a much more professional look than it would if the pipes were visible.

Another main reason suspended ceilings are used is for their sound absorption. Depending on the material used and the way they are made means that there is better sound absorption. If you require suspended ceilings for better sound absorption, denser tiles are needed.  This will limit the vibrations caused, making it harder for sound to travel through the tiles. Furthermore, soundproofing material can be added in between the gap of the suspended ceiling and the original ceiling which will also stop sound travelling through. This is a very good way of keeping sound insulated, thus allowing other offices and classrooms to remain undisturbed. Further insulation on the suspended ceiling means that heat insulation can be achieved which is extremely energy efficient and will save you money on your heating bills.

Another benefactor of suspended ceilings is that they hide uneven ceilings.  By covering them up with a level ceiling, the slant is gone, this instantly improves the look of any room. By adjusting the grid on installation, any angle can be made, even if a slanted ceiling is what is required.  Suspended ceilings also have the power of being highly versatile.  Once installed, they can be constantly altered.  Panels can be removed and replaced with different materials and colors, in order to achieve the exact look you want.  Even if you decide you want a change in the design, you can easily carry it out.  You can also create fluorescent light panels and by doing this, you can install lights anywhere in the room quickly and cheaply.

From this, it is possible to see that suspended ceilings are more than just a subtle way of hiding obscure pipes and wires.  They can be used to change a room’s entire appearance, improve sound proofing of a room and create that edge of professionalism in your office, school, hospital, supermarket or any other commercial or domestic room.  Tailored Office Solutions supply and install a comprehensive range of suspended ceilings, with an extensive range of ceiling panels, tiles and cladding to meet any performance, specification and budget.  From new build to full refurbishment, we can provide you with a reliable and professional suspended ceiling and lighting installation using our team of highly experienced fitters.